Our Team

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our fellow human beings by introducing mindfulness, loving-kindness, and an end to suffering as taught in Vipassana Theravada Buddhism.

Kristie Duffy

Kristie Grasis has been practicing Vipassana from the Theravada Buddhist tradition for nearly a decade. Her largest influences have been Gil Fronsdal, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach and Thich Nhat Hahn.

The Buddha taught three core practices: Dana (giving), Sila (morality) and Bhavana (meditation). Kristie’s practice, throughout the years, has taught her loving-kindness for herself and others, has helped her to deal with a difficult past, overcome trauma, and thrive with peace and equanimity in her life. She has reached a place in her practice where it is time to focus on Dana, and freely teach others the benefits of Mindful Meditation.

Lanee Hughes
Sangha Relations Director

Lanee is a busy wife, stepmom and student new to the practice of meditation. She currently works in adaptive education for one of our local schools. While education is her career focus, her passion is making sure that all people -regardless of ability or disability -has access to supports they need in life. She is learning to utilize mindfulness and meditation in order to handle anxiety and PTSD from past trauma. It is her hope to teach younger generations these skills to empower them and enrich their lives. She is also a yoga enthusiast, nature lover and farm to table foodie. She lives her best life here on the coast with her wife, daughter and her two cats Caleb and Marley and her dog Charlee. 

LaDonna Goodridge
Marketing Director

LaDonna is a driven individual with strong convictions and ethics.  She believes that freedom and equality are intrinsic to every person's existence, irrespective of age, race, religion, sexuality, ability, or other dissimilarities, and that taking action to ensure human rights and civil rights remain intact is everyone's responsibility.  As a new student of the dharma and meditation, LaDonna has set upon a journey to utilize mindfulness, meditation, and loving-kindness to help her become a better version of herself every day, to make positive impacts on others, and to make her little part of the world better for having her in it.  

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