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All classes are offered freely. Contact us to arrange a dharma talk with your group or join us at one of our Tuesday night community gatherings. 

Water flowing through rocks.

Vipassana (Insight) Meditation is cultivated so that we can understand our own mind and heart. Through such understanding we bring peace and equanimity to our lives, and as an extension, to others.  In this six week class you/your group can learn to meditate with different aspects of the self (breath, body, emotions, thinking, etc.

Forest of thin trees.
Eightfold Path

The Buddha laid a clear path for one to achieve peace and equanimity in one's heart and mind. In this eight week course, explore the different aspects of this practice.

Rain cloud over a valley.
Five Precepts

Spend time exploring the Five Precepts and how they assist in developing compassion for oneself and others. 

Spider web.
The Four Noble Truths

​Buddha taught the Dharma - the truth of the way things are. It is not a truth to be learned or memorized; it is a truth to be discovered for oneself. Start your path of practice in understanding these important truths of why we suffer and how to find peace.

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