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Thank you for visiting our volunteer page!  It seems that you have an interest in helping others in your community.  We have positions that support our mission to enhance the lives of our fellow human beings by introducing mindfulness, loving-kindness, and an end to suffering as taught in Vipassana Theravada Buddhism. 


We are looking for self-motivated, responsible, honest, trustworthy, and reliable individuals with integrity who are committed to fulfilling the duties of our vacant positions. If these characteristics describe you, then take a look below, because we might have just the position for you!

Committee Vacancies:

E-Services Committee is responsible for the maintenance of an active/interactive website and social media accounts.  The committee is also responsible for working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Donation Procurement Committeeworks to achieve sizable donations from businesses by organizing face-to-face meetings with health professionals and business owners in the community. Committee members are responsible for creating informational folders for meetings with potential donors.  Members work with Treasurer to procure grants and with Practitioner Acquisition to have booths at local events.

Practitioner Acquisition Committee strives toward creating, maintaining and implementing an action plan to acquire new practitioners; creating/distributing informational pamphlets; hosting new member Pot Lucks; working with E-Services Committee to advertise on Facebook/Meetup/etc.; creating a welcoming environment for new practitioners; creating/distributing “invite” cards; working with instructors to give homework/invite people back/mention bring-a-friend; sending pre-class emails; sending welcome letters to new members; working with Donation Procurement Committee to have booths at local events.

Practitioner Retention Committee goals are to produce community outreach projects by organizing day-long retreats, making members feel welcome, sending a monthly newsletter, and initiating and maintaining a sangha “compassion and care” program.  


Gardener-If you enjoy gardening, we are looking for someone to help plan, establish, and manage a small garden at our Center.  

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